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At MYO we’re all about food. We’re about giving our customers choice, the freshest ingredients and healthy options to help them take control of their lunch.

While at MYO you can make it your way, if you’re looking for inspiration, you can also make it ours. In addition to our 60 fresh gourmet sandwich and salad fillings we also offer creative chef-designed sandwich recipes that are quick and easy to follow.

And for those who don’t want sandwiches at all, we provide countless fresh pre-made salads, pizzas, hot cuisine including pasta and curry, muffins, breakfast cereals, the world’s best coffee and so much more.

If you want it, you can be sure that at MYO you will get it.

Sandwich, Roll and Wrap Recipes >>

At MYO you can create your favourite sandwich from up to 60 fresh, gourmet fillings, including deli-style cheeses and meats.

However for those looking for some inspiration, we’ve designed a creative menu of mouth-watering sandwiches to set you on your way.

To start, select your bread, wrap or roll of choice then pick your favourite sandwich recipe and start creating.

Sandwich bread

Wholemeal, wholemeal grain, white, multigrain and English rye


Wholemeal, white, multigrain, and rye


White, sun-dried tomato, and spinach

Pizza Recipes >>

Creating your favourite pizza is simple at MYO. Simply choose your favourite base, either white or wholemeal, cover with a tablespoon of rich tomato sauce and then start creating your ideal pizza.

However if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve designed some mouth-watering pizzas below made from our fresh, gourmet in-store pizza toppings.

At MYO we’re also pretty good at making our own and have created an extensive menu of ready-made hot and cold dishes to suit all seasons and tastes.

Large serve of hot food
Extra Roll
Toast (2 slices)
Fruit toast (2 slices)
Fruit (apple, banana, orange etc)
Fruit salad (regular)
Fruit salad (large)
Toasted sandwich


We have the most extensive and creative range of pre-prepared salads made fresh daily for our customers to choose from. The impressive menu features traditional favourites and impressive new taste sensations including:

Bean shoot salad
Caesar salad
Carrot, cheese and sultana salad
Chicken and pineapple cous cous salad
Chilli pasta
Continental pasta salad
Cous cous salad
Curried egg
Ebly salad
Ebly Greek salad
Greek bean salad
Greek salad
Minted cous cous
Mediterranean ebly salad
Moroccan rice salad
Mushroom salad
Nicoise salad
Nutty noodle and cabbage salad
Penne pasta salad
Pineapple and walnut salad
Potato and egg salad
Potato and pesto salad
Potato salad
Pumpkin salad on cous cous
Red cabbage and apple coleslaw
Roast vegetable salad
Riviera salad
Roasted capsicum and tomato noodle salad
Rocket salad
Satay chicken salad
Satay salad
Thai beef salad
Tuna insalata
Waldorf salad


At MYO, our My Way Deals offer the best value breakfast and lunchtime deals in the city.

Toast and coffee
Muffin and coffee
Cake and coffee
Toasted sandwich and coffee
Fruit salad and juice